What to Expect

A Typical Session Rundown (Expect Results!)

Throughout the session, you will be instructed, directed, and corrected through various exercises. Each program is given careful thought and consideration, designed for you and only you, based on your individual goals, needs, preferences, limitations, and abilities – there are no "cookie-cutter" programs here! I always encourage feedback, and I'm always open to discuss how to make your session better for you. However, if preferred, I will confidently lead the way so you don't have to think at all!

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Sessions are fun, safe, and invigorating, but require that you work. Sorry – I will not do the work for you! Think of me as the guide: leading you to fitness & health, I will provide the know-how, motivation, and direction – you provide the will, guts, and determination. Only you have the power to create change within yourself!

My goal is to MOTIVATE, EDUCATE, & EMPOWER. To guide, teach, and encourage you to take charge and lead your life in personal fitness & health.