Program Design

Professional Guidance to Optimize Your Training

If you are self-motivated and prefer to train on your own, but:

  • Are bored with your workouts
  • Have plateaued
  • Are unsure of exactly what to do
  • Want to maximize your workouts
  • Have simply "lost your way"

...then a professionally designed program is the answer!

My programs are my art form. I take every program seriously, and customize them to you as thoroughly as possible. Founded in sound technique, body mechanics, and specificity, I utilize unique, creative, and original exercise to meet your needs. My programs are fun, packed with fresh ideas, and my commitment to specialization will often lead me to creating new exercises to match your training needs precisely.

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Working as a team, we will determine exactly what you want to achieve from your training and how to get you there. I will be able to advise you on how to select appropriate goals, and which methods will most accurately, efficiently, and optimally fulfill your needs.

Each program is carefully designed, and then explained in a one-on-one session. Instructions are given on how to recognize, initiate, and record advancements within the given program, and when you should book an update session to progress onto a new program. Ongoing support is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have along the way, to keep you on track, and "fine-tune" as you go along.

Programs come in many variations depending on your goals: full body, split routines, periodization for athletes or weight loss, and address all aspects of fitness, including: muscular strength/power/endurance, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility, core, balance, posture, etc. Detailed attention is given to all macro programming variables, including: frequency, intensity, type, and time (FITT), and micro programming variables, including: sets, reps, rest, tempo, etc.

Whatever your aspirations, fitness level, and training requirements, a good program will keep you focused, accountable, and ensure you are realizing your full potential!

When times are tight, Program Design is a viable option that delivers invaluable professional guidance, which allows you to cash-in on the benefits of having a personal trainer!
Forgoing fitness & health is never advisable, at any cost. Your fitness & health are your greatest assets, and on no account should their value be underestimated – the stakes are too high, and you will pay dearly! You can't put a price on living a life rich in vitality and energy.

Program Design Rates
    Strength & Conditioning Programs
  • 1-Day - $200
  • 2-Day - $350
  • 3-Day - $450
  • All Strength & Conditioning programs include direction on basic cardiovascular and flexibility training. Fees are negotiated if a separate, or more substantial, cardiovascular and/or flexibility program are required.
    Registration Details:
  • No obligations (i.e. long-term membership fees, contracts, etc.)
  • All fees subject to applicable taxes.
  • Lessons pre-paid and scheduled in advance.
  • 24-hour cancellation policy.
  • 90-day expiration date on all sessions from date of purchase.
  • Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.