Balance. Strength, Power & Flexibility.
From the Inside Out.

The Scoop

Hi there! I'm a certified personal trainer based out of Ki Fitness & Health (founder & owner), located in Tin Town, Courtenay, BC. I offer personal training to all communities in and around the Comox Valley.

Personal Training Is...

  • An EXCELLENT way to make a POSITIVE lifestyle CHANGE in fitness & health.
  • A COMMITMENT TO IMPROVE the QUALITY of your day-to-day life
  • INSURANCE and SECURITY for your FUTURE wellness & well-being.
  • The GREATEST INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY around: an investment in yourself.
  • The WISEST and most REWARDING CHOICE you will ever make.
    1. * Bottom Line: A REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, GOOD IDEA!
        Personal Training extends beyond just helping you feel exceptionally energetic, full of life, and really good all the time – The benefits are endless – positively impacting your life in many, many, many ways...

I'm Talking To You!

  • The Beginners, the Intermediate, the Advanced & the In-Between.
  • The Sedentary, the Weekend Warrior, the Active, & the Athlete.
  • The Healthy, the Not-So-Healthy, the Weak, & the Strong.
  • The Lazy, the Busy, the Workaholic, & the Retired.
  • The Young, the Old, the Young Too Young to Feel Old, & the Young Who Think They're Old, but in fact, are Still Young.
    1. Whether you've never exercised a day in your life, or you have been exercising for years, anyone and everyone can gain from Personal Training to maximize your potential as you strive to reach all your goals!

The time is NOW!

Physical activity, like eating and sleeping, is a natural staple and necessary to leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle, and there is a solution for everyone to make it a regular, daily "habit". Everyone must dedicate time to his or her fitness & health, and Personal Training guarantees this time. It can be scheduled, holds you accountable, and best of all, the allotted time will be utilized in the most efficient, productive, and safe manner possible. Personal Training is suited to your specific goals, needs, preferences, limitations, and abilities, producing the results you desire!

Contact Me!

Contact me at any time to arrange a complimentary
consultation – it would be great to meet you, to learn what you're looking for, and let you know how I can help out!